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Individually Sealed & Packed Cod Fish, Threadfin Fish & Bakka Salmon Cubes (Frozen) (6months+)

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Enjoy the premium selection of Cod Fish (40g x 2), Bakka Salmon (40g x 2) & Threadfin Fish (40g x 2) in portions sizes that are each individually sealed and packed!

Total 40g x 6 portions for easy meal prep using a portion at a time! Every fish item on our website are all wild caught and specially blast frozen so as to retain maximum freshness and quality while also extending the shelf life to a longer validity (till 2025 while frozen) without the use of any preservatives or additives!

Bundles Available:

  • All-in-one Bundle (Cod Fish 40g x 2 portions, Threadfin Fish 40g x 2 portions & Bakka Salmon 40g x 2 portions) $19.80
  • Cod Fish Bundle (40g x 6 portions) $24.60
  • Threadfin Fish Bundle (40g x 6 portions) $17.40
  • Bakka Salmon Bundle (40g x 6 portions) $17.40

Expiry: 2025 (Frozen)

Also available @ United Square Shopping Mall #B1-60A & Shoppee

Delivery Mode: Item will be delivered frozen, please ensure that the item is kept in the freezer (-18°C) immediately to avoid any defrosting.

**disclaimer - scales and bones are skillfully removed by hand but do check for scales and bones before serving**

All prices indicated are inclusive of 9% GST.