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Souper Baby Bundle B (Unsalted) - 3 Litres

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For a Limited Time Only! Enjoy our Souper Baby Starter Bundle B which includes our signature Pork Collagen and Chicken Collagen Selections too! Each flavour is packed in BPA-Free 600ml (100ml x 6 packs) as a convenient baby broth soup stock for babies and toddlers! 

All our broths are also specially frozen using rapid blast freezing technology which allows us to extend the shelf life to 6 months without the use of any preservatives or additives and are further packed in BPA-Free packs for maximum freshness!

Souper Baby Starter Bundle B (each flavour comes in 600ml - 100ml x 6 packs):

  • Pork Collagen ($23.90)
  • Chicken Collagen ($21.90)
  • Threadfin Fish Broth ($19.90)
  • Original Pork Broth ($18.90)
  • Original Chicken Broth ($16.90)

Expiry: 6 months (frozen)

** Bundles are not stackable with other promotions and discounts**