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Naeiae Yogurt Cubes (12months+)

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These freeze-dried yogurt is a great snack option for babies. It contains a whopping 4 million live lactic acid bacteria which make it incredibly nutritious.

Soft and Melt-in-Your-Mouth: The texture of this yogurt is perfect for babies as it melts in their mouth with ease, making it easy to eat.
Nutritious: With 4 million live lactic acid bacteria, this yogurt is packed with nutrients that are essential for your baby's growth.
Yogurt and Fruit: This snack contains both yogurt and fruit, making it a delicious combination that your baby will love.
The soft taste of the freeze-dried yogurt makes it the perfect snack option for children. It's easy to digest and provides all the essential nutrients that your child needs to grow healthy and strong. The fact that it contains fruit also means that your child will be getting some added vitamins too!

If you're looking for an easy-to-eat nutritious snack option for your baby, then this freeze-dried yogurt is definitely worth considering!